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Video: The reaction on the face of a fan when Mohammed Salah was subtituted



Mohamed Salah

Video: The reaction on the face of a West Ham fan when Mohammed Salah was removed

Liverpool had an awesome game against West Ham FC in their first game in 2018/19 season of the EPL.

The Reds have gone ahead to defeat the Hammers by four goals to nothing with Egyptian player, Mohammed Salah giving them the opening goal.

Mo Salah is back to his former after a poor performance in the 2018 Russian World Cup for his home country, Egypt.

This was due to the injury he sustained in the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid, when Sergio Ramos attacked him.

However, the new season is starting in a different dimension for the stars and fans are happy about it.

Liverpool fans made their love for Mo Salah known in the second half of their game against West Ham, when he was substituted, Liverpool fans were seen rising on their feet as they applauded him, however a funny scene was caught in a video extract, one West Ham fan was spotted also on his feet applauding The Star.

The West Ham fan may not be happy about his side losing but he couldn’t hide his respect for the Liverpool street player.

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