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Video: United legend still spectacular with free kicks



Video: Wayne Rooney is still spectacular with free kicks, you need to watch this

Do you still remember Wayne Rooney?

Well,  the Ex-Manchester United forward, Wayne Rooney may have left Old Trafford but we still have our tab on him.

The Red Devils and England highest goal scorer currently plays in the American league, DC United to be precise.

But with the look of things the former Manchester United player, has gained a huge record and fan base in the American league as many of them are really appreciating his effort.

One of the moments the England international had set a new record in the American league was during a match between DC United and Portland Timbers.

In fact, the whole of Portland Timbers defenders can testify that Rooney is a different ball entirely.

DC United won the Portland Timbers in the last night match which ended in a scoreline of four goals to nothing.

However, Wayne Rooney’s goal happens to be the most spectacular goal of the game as the England player scored a nice free kick.

According to a video uploaded by a fan, the angle at which he scored the goal from is quite unexpected but turned out to be a great goal.