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(Video) Chelsea striker plays a prank on one of Chelsea coaches during training 



Video: Chelsea striker plays a prank on one of Chelsea coaches during training

Footballers might be seen to be very serious while on the field of play but many of them are usually the playful type.

This can be said of Chelsea player, Eden Hazard, who although always wore a serious look on the pitch is, in fact, a very playful player, who is at the same time a very good trickster.

Well, this silly event occurred while Chelsea players were training and the Belgium star was the brain behind it.

Eden Hazard played a prank on one of Chelsea coaches as he threw a ball at the coach while he was issuing out training instructions.

The funny side, however, is that the coaches around didn’t know who threw the ball and none of Hazard’s fellow mate disclosed the thrower as they all kept silent.

This may mean, it is not the first time such an event might have taken place during training.

But, who says the players have to look serious all the time, of course, there is time to play and this may be part of those moment.

Eden Hazard has been linked with move away from Chelsea but with the look of things, he is going to be at Chelsea for another one year .

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