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Chelsea Top Target Joins In Chelsea’s Title Win Celebrations



Officially, Chelsea are champions of the Premier League this season following a 1-0 win over West Brom at Hawthorn last night. They have three more games to play before this season wraps up – including their FA Cup final against Arsenal.

Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois streamed a Facebook Live video of the players celebrating after the game in the changing room.

And even though there are lots of activities going over the live video (likes, comments, views, etc) one big name that tuned in caught the eye of many.

Everton star striker Romelu Lukaku also showed interest in the Champions celebrations as Antonio Conte’s men rejoiced over their well-deserved success. He was seen liking Courtois’ life video and comments.

Over a pic of Courtois and Pedro in the changing rooms at Hawthorn, the Everton forward commented: ‘Aaah michy’

Lukaku has been heavily linked with a move back to Stamford Bridge in recent times, and was touted as an ideal replacement for Spanish star striker Diego Costa.

The former Atletico Madrid striker is expected to leave to the Chinese Super League at the end of this season, even though he is said to remain in touch with Atletico.

Courtois, Michy, Hazard, and Lukaku are familiar with each other from international duty together with Belgium, and we wonder if they can become teammates at the Stamford Bridge club next season.

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