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Thierry Henry speaks on Monaco loss



Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry is not all sad about his defeat in his first game as the manager of French side Monaco.

The Henry team lost by 2 – 1 to Strasbourg on Saturday and it has got a lot of people talking on if the former Barcelona forward can turn things around.

Before he took over the job, Monaco had suffered a lot of battering which prompted the sack of the former manager.

However, in his reaction, Henry stated that there are lots of positives to think about from his 2 – 1 loss rather than the negatives so as to move on and ensure a way forward.

He noted that his side had got opportunities to have the lead until they were set back by a goal in the second half because of the red card given to Samuel which left with 10 men.

According to him, they had worked hard but the game was quite difficult for his boys to meet up.

Henry had returned to full managerial work after quitting as the assistant coach for the Belgium national team as well as leaving his job as a pundit.

The Gunners legend had snubbed the opportunity to take over as Aston Villa Manager just for France where he had started playing

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