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Mourinho vindicated after bust-up with backroom staff




Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been vindicated for his actions on Saturday where he had a faceoff with one of Maurizio Sarri’s coaching staff.

As a result of the comeback by Chelsea in their home game against, Marco Ianni had resulted to an extravagant celebration, running to the front of the United bench, a development Mourinho protested and had a faceoff with the player.

The Portuguese manager had noted that he was disrespected by the backroom coach but noted that all that happened has been resolved by manager Maurizio Sarri who had apologised.

However, United legend Gary Neville stated that everything that happened could be explained because it bothers on emotions that could hardly be controlled.

He noted that Marco Ianni was happy and had over-celebrated, stressing that the reaction from the former Real Madrid manager was just a reaction.

Neville admits it’s easy for spectators to sit and criticize but noted that it would be a different ball game if we were in the manager’s shoes.

However, the Red Devils are believed to be getting its confidence back after coming back in two consecutive games with the hope that they will win their next games.

United will be having their next clash against Juventus in the Champions League.