After a bitter 4-0 defeat at their last match, the players of Manchester City were seen wearing drawn looks and sulky faces.

Reporters said that Pep Guardiola was seen physically absent-minded as he carried his luggage through the airport. Manchester City’s goal keeper,Bravo had to be surrounded by tight security to avoid fans who showed their displeasure at the airport. He was quickly ushered in to a taxi to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

John Stones however paused and took some pictures with some happy fans who cheered him on as he passed.

After much persuasion from the fans, Guardiola stopped, smiled and took some pictures. He also signed autographs on Tshirts, books and pictures. Yet, reports say that he murmured all through the signing at the humiliating defeat his team experienced at their last match between the club and Barcelona.

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Guardiola also had this to say to reporters:

I’m sorry but until my last days as a coach, I will try to play from our goalkeeper.” “Most of the time, when we play good, it starts from there”. “We are unfazed. We will bounce back. We will have more training and deliver a good performance next time. We are still a fantastic team.




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