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‘Giroud doesn’t need to score to be successful’ – Maurizio Sarri ahead of Burnley game




Chelsea will be making a trip to the Turf Moor this weekend where they will play against Burnley in the English Premier League.

The Blues are likely to pick up all three points in the game, with Eden Hazard likely to miss the match owing to a back injury, the goalscoring roles will be shifted to the wingers, midfielders or even defenders, this is because the Blues strikers, Alvaro Morata and Olivier Giroud are not prolific goals scorers.

However, Coach Maurizio Sarri in a recent statement has come to the aid of his strikers.

According to the Italian, Olivier Giroud doesn’t need to score goals to be successful this season so long he remains useful to the team.

The France international has made 10 appearances for the Blues this season without a single goal to his name but he has been helpful in terms of creating goal assist.

Coach Maurizio Sarri corroborated his statement by saying that a look at the characteristics of Giroud would show that the striker ”usually is not used to scoring a lot of goals in a season but he’s always very, very useful for the team, for his team-mates.”

Sarri hinted that Giroud ‘is not a problem for’ Chelsea.

Also, he made it known that the duo of Giroud and Morata can improve.