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why fans might no longer wear Arsenal shirt in games



The Emirates Stadium is usually a beautiful place to behold each time Arsenal play at home with fans flooding the stadium with the famous red and white colours. It could be valentine’s days for the Gunners.

Latest report from London hints that the Emirates Stadium might not be as beautiful and colourful as it used to be owing to the hype in the sales of the club’s shirts

The love of Arsenal in the heart of their fans have reflected in how much they invested in the club’s shirt in recent years but recent development may translate not wearing enough of the latest official jerseys.

A data published by reveals that during the 2017-18 season, Arsenal were amongst the clubs in Europe with largest sale of replica shirts, ranking fifth with about 22.1 replica shirts per 1,000 fans last season.

Also, a data points Arsenal fans to rank as one of the most loyal in the world when it comes to shirt buying but that might not play out in this season following the increase in its price.`

The ‘Authentic’ Arsenal shirt now goes for a £100, an amount most will not consider despite the love at heart.

This, therefore, calls for questioning as to whether the Arsenal management wants to keep seeing the beautiful Emirates as it is or not. The price is expected to give the right answer.

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