We do not know how true this is but it is totally worth reporting!

There are talks that Manchester United will sign Valencia defender, Joao Cancelo!

According to a Spanish newspaper Marca, there are reports that Mourinho is interested in buying the 22-year-old Portuguese defender. Cancelo plays right-back and has had quite an impressive showing at La Liga over the period of the season.

The newspaper further states that Mourinho is not the only one that has noticed him. Fingers were pointed to Guardiola and Enrique, the coaches of Manchester City and Barcelona.

Whether this turns out to be true or not, we should get prepared for a fierce bidding war among these powerful coaches.

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Cancelo is valued at 30 million euros right now, but because of this bid, his management will definitely hike his price to create a much more lucrative deal.

Barcelona is interested in him to replace Vidal or a formidable right-backer.

Signing Joao Cancelo will no doubt be a master stroke to who ever gets him at the end of this soccer tussle. He is already a key force for Valencia and Portugal and has plenty of experience from participating in several leagues. Cancelo has made 8 appearances in La Liga. Watch out for him.


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