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Thierry Henry Admits Chelsea Star Is The Best Striker In Premier League




Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has reckoned that Diego Costa is the best striker in the Premier League.

The 27-year-old has grabbed 12 goals so far this season and looks to be in an impressive form which the Frenchman believes should be overlooked.

Henry said on Sky Sports: ‘I think he’s fitter, he doesn’t have a problem with his body,

‘Sometimes when you’re not well playing a game, sometimes it does play on your mind. If you also end up losing, the run that they had last year doesn’t help, when you’re a guy like Diego Costa, to not lose your mind.’

The Arsenal hero then admitted the striker is presently high on confidence due to the winning mentality in the Blues side, having gone on a nine-game winning streak.

He added: ‘When you have a certain way of playing, that gives you confidence out on the field, and you can see that right now. Diego Costa is taking advantage of that.

‘You can see that he’s fresh, that he can repeat runs. When you’re fresh, you see a bit better, you understand a bit better, you’re a bit more calm and also let’s not take that away.

‘For me, right now, he’s the best striker in the league.’

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