Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has been in good form for the Reds so far this season helping them to seven victories out of 10 matches making Liverpool serious contenders for the premier league title.

Henderson has stated that Liverpool’s fine form is largely due to manager Jurgen Kloop’s tactics and the players believing them as well as great team effort.

Speaking to Sky Sports Henderson said

We’ve bought into what the manager wants us to do. We all want to do that dirty work. Everyone chips in and does that in the team, from the front to the back. Even the goalkeeper has to be switched on and not so static on his line. He’s always thinking about coming out if it’s over the top so everyone is always alert and doing their job.

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“It definitely has to work as a team. If one or two don’t do it then it doesn’t really work. It’s quite easy to play around the press if that happens. But if everyone does it as a team and you’re all tuned in to the same thing then it becomes a lot easier. When you’re pressing someone, he might not get the first ball but it rushes the opponent and your team-mate who is following in might nick the next ball or get in on the second pass. It’s not about individuals, it’s all about team work.”

Henderson also went on to state how Klopp has helped him adapt to his deeper role in the team, the no 6 position

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He said “I’d probably say over the last two to three months with me playing a different role—a deeper role as a No. 6—the manager has really helped me with that. Over a short space of time I’ve learnt a lot about the position defensively. It’s being more disciplined really, that’s the biggest thing I’ve learnt.

“But, tactically, the manager has helped everyone. He tells us what he wants us to do and how he wants to do it. It’s about doing what the team needs me to do, not what I want to do or what I think I can do. It’s about doing my job for the team. If everyone does that I’m sure we’ll be very successful and that’s the way it’s gone so far.”


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