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Lesson Klopp must learn from Liverpool 1 – 0 victory over Brighton 



jurgen klopp

Lesson to learn from Liverpool 1 – 0 victory over Brighton.

So the Reds won their match against Brighton FC which has now brought them to the same level as defending champions, Man City, on the English Premier League.

Manchester City had played a draw game against Wolves after they were held down by their strong defense.

The match between Liverpool and Brighton was supposed to have come with lots of goals for the Reds but Brighton have really improved from what they were last season under coach Chris.

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Going by the highlight of the match, the Seagulls were playing like professionals which was why Liverpool coach, had refused to write them off.

At least they defeated a big team like Manchester United over the last weekend.

But the Reds managed to pull through via a goal scored by Egyptian player, Mo Salah.

Below are the essons learnt from the match,

1. There is no such term as ‘weaker team’: Most of the so called English Big teams who played with the weaker team were held down and the ones that managed to win did it out of luck.

Imagine Wolves holding down Man City and Liverpool having just a single goal against Brighton, it proves the term weaker team is wrong.

2. Mo Salah is not a one time wonder: the Egypt international scored his 29 goal in 29 matches for the Reds.

This means Mo Salah is out to score more goals this new season again.

3. The absence of Fabinho means nothing: For the third time, Liverpool new signing, Fabinho missed playing in the Reds senior team.

It seems it is going to take a while before Klopp decide to start him.