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Why Jose Mourinho wouldn’t celebrate even if Man Utd defeat Chelsea



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coach Jose Mourinho will visit his former club, Chelsea for the first time this season as Man Utd coach.

The Red Devils put up a poor start at the beginning of the season and it got to a point that Jose Mourinho’s job as Man Utd coach was at stake.

Prior to the international holiday, Man Utd’s board had stated that Jose Mourinho must win the game against Newcastle United if he still wants to remain at Old Trafford.

Shockingly, the game between Newcastle and Man Utd started with two goals from the visiting team and many football fans had thought the end was at hand for Mourinho, however, the second half saw the Red Devils coming back stronger as they went on to score three goals.

Despite the Blues top form, Coach Jose Mourinho believes Man Utd can defeat them but he hinted that he wouldn’t celebrate even if the Red Devils won.

Coach Jose Mourinho in a statement reported by the Manchester Evening News said “Would I celebrate like crazy my team’s goal at Stamford Bridge, or my team victory at Stamford Bridge? I don’t think so.

The Portugal international said he would try to control himself and ”to respect the stadium and respect the supporters that were my supporters and my stadium for many years.”

He, however, hinted he would be ‘100 percent Man Utd’ against Chelsea.

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