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Will Chelsea allow Man Utd to sign Eden Hazard?



Eden Hazard

Prior to the big match between Chelsea and Man Utd in the EPL, coach Jose Mourinho made it known that he would love to sign Eden Hazard to the Man Utd squad.

This comes after Eden Hazard a few days ago had disclosed he would love to reunite with his former coach, Jose Mourinho.

Eden Hazard and Mourinho spent close to three years together at Chelsea, during Mourinho’s term as the Blues coach, Eden Hazard won the PFA player of the year.

Mourinho in a recent statement said he ‘would love to have him (Eden Hazard) in Manchester United.’

The Portugal international however stated the obvious, he said ‘I don’t think Chelsea will sell him to Manchester United.”

He hinted that the Blues would never sell Eden Hazard to a rival, he said ‘they would never sell Eden to Manchester United, so it’s a non-point to comment.’

Well, Jose Mourinho is actually right, Chelsea will prefer to sell Eden Hazard to Real Madrid rather than sell him to an EPL club especially a direct rival.

Jose Mourinho, however, is not the first Man Utd coach to show interest in Eden Hazard, legendary Man Utd coach, Sir Alex Ferguson had tried to sign the Belgium striker from Lile in 2012 but Eden Hazard as at then preferred a move to Chelsea instead.

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