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Why I will continue to defend, Jose Mourinho



Jose Mourinho

The calls by fans and pundits for Manchester United to always attack have been talked down by Jose Mourinho who vows to be more defensive in his games.

Mourinho says his struggling side need not to attack so as to gain the needed stability to fight on especially in their bid to face Chelsea on Saturday noon.

Manchester United had adopted an attack approach that ensured they came back from 2-0 down to win Newcastle by 3-2 but that is not to say it would be the culture under the Portuguese manager.

In his analysis, Mourinho said his side can only attack when they are with the ball but it’s more important to get the ball when the opposition have the possession the ball and that will only be possible with a good defensive approach.

Mourinho stressed that his philosophy is to always have the ball to make use of by getting the ball from his opponent at all time.

According to him, what is most important is for the players to be able to defend well and make good use of the ball.

French midfielder Paul Pogba is one of the players who have openly criticized the manager’s defensive approach by saying United needs to attack especially when they are playing at the Old Trafford.

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