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Huddersfield vs Liverpool: Klopp issues warning says the match ‘is a trap’



Huddersfield vs Liverpool

While Liverpool are seated at the third spot on the English Premier League table with 20 points alongside Chelsea and Man City, Huddersfield are seated at the 3rd bottom of the league table with three points from eight matches.

Looking at the table analysis, it is easy for one to conclude that Liverpool will have an easy win over Huddersfield on Saturday.

However, Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp has a different view of the whole thing as he discloses that the table analysis is not enough to describe a team.

Klopp, who is a close friend to Huddersfield’s coach, David Wagner, said he has been watching the club’s match highlights to see how well they have improved.

The Germany international disclosed the match against Huddersfield is a hundred per cent trap and he said the Reds will not look down on them.

Klopp in a statement also he heard a few people describing Huddersfield: ‘Not good enough here, not good enough there, they have to score more.’

From what he saw, Huddersfield had more possession against Tottenham when they met, the same happened against Burnley.

Klopp affirmed the Reds will put in their best during the match as they hope to get all three points.

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