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How Arsenal got it wrong against Man City



Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday remains an issue that is being disclosed by pundits knowing that the game ensured big changes in the league title chase.

The North London side fell from fifth place to sixth with Man United taking over while Man City were able to close in on league leaders Liverpool. No doubt it would have been a different log entirely if Arsenal had won the Citizens.

Former Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi in his opinion says the Gunners failed to make it against the Pep Guardiola side because they did not press enough, just like Newcastle.

It would be recalled that Arsenal played in a higher intensity in the first half which made them looked more daring but that immediately changed when they got in for the second half as they were unable to give that same fight.

Shola Ameobi said no matter how good your opponents are, they will always make mistakes if you mount pressure on him and that is what the Gunners team failed to do against Man City.

However, to Arsenal boss, the race for the top four is far from over as he keeps hope alive to hope on coming games for his team’s revival.