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Photo: Neymar In Deep Conversation With Marcus Rashford, See What He Told Him



marcus rushford

The clash between England and Brazil on Tuesday ended in a goalless draw at Wembley to the disappointment of so many people.

However, one of the things that caught the attention of many of us is the bromance between Marcus Rashford and Neymar in the tunnel before the game.

We noticed how both of them were deep in conversation at the back of the queue as Rashford’s teammates lined up next to the South American side before kickoff.

Although Marcus can’t speak Portuguese and Neymar is not fluent in English, language barrier never hindered the pair from having a little chat before the game, which raised some brows.

The PSG star player was the one who initiated the conversation after both shook hands, and many are already wondering what they discussed.

Obviously, many Manchester United fans will be hoping that a player like Neymar will approve their striker with some words of praise.

However, it turned out that the pair were only discussing the weather!

The Englishman made a joke about his country’s cold climate, and the South American playmaker admitted to him that he doesn’t love the cold weather.

Rashford is now back at Old Trafford to feature for his side in their next premier league game as they host Newcastle United on Saturday.