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Chelsea vs Liverpool: four things we learnt from the match



Liverpool vs Chelsea

Chelsea and Liverpool played their 7th match in the EPL today, which ended in a 1 – 1 draw – The two sides maintain their spots on the EPL table.

Despite the draw, the two clubs still maintain their hundred per cent win in the EPL – This is because Chelsea and Liverpool are yet to suffer any defeat this season.

However, the match is gone but we were able to pick four things to learn from it.

1. Daniel Sturridge and his life-saving goal.

The England International now has 50 goals to his name since his arrival at Liverpool.

Sturridge scored the important goal at the least expected moment. There are few players who can score like that at Liverpool.

Despite getting limited playing chances, Sturridge ha shown he his still a dangerous player.

2. Alisson Becker is worth the pay.

The former Roma star managed the goal post as if it depended on his life.

He saved a one on one shot from Eden Hazard and also quickly managed a poor pass from Wijnaldun.

3. This is not the Mo Salah we know.

The Egyptian was far from being the best player today, he played with lack of confidence.

This left Klopp with no option than to substitute him with Sturridge.

4. The midfielders are tired.

Klopp started the trio of Winaldum, Henderson and James Milner at the midfield but the three players struggled to perform.

They need rest to get back their form.

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