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How United plotted own fall, PSG boss



French Ligue 1 outfit PSG boss Thomas Tuchel has stated that their Champions League opponents Manchester United plotted their own fall.

He noted that the Red Devil fans had given a bad treatment to their former player Angel Di Maria which affected him positively, rather than the expected.

Thomas Tuchel said Angel Di Maria took the challenge and was determined to hurt the Red Devils because of the home fans booed him. There is no doubt that the Argentina international plotted their defeat.

Angel Di Maria was a Man United player until he left for PSG in 2015 and his return to the Old Trafford was a bad one for his former side as he gave a tough outing to the United defence and goalkeeper.

The Ligue 1 giant’s manager who commented on Angel Di Maria after the game said the Argentina international is a competitive player who only gets stronger when you tease or boo him rather than getting weaker.

He stated that he had expected a light welcome for Angel Di Maria because he thought a good relationship exists between him and the fans only to find out that he would be intimidated.

It is understood that Angel Di Maria was a little nervous at the beginning but he later drew in confidence.

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