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Once again, Chelsea is not for sale




Yesterday saw various reports going around about Chelsea FC being up for sale.

The reports had linked the Czech Republic’s richest person Petr Kellner has the interested party who wants to buy Chelsea.

Some reports made it know that it would be a partial takeover as Petr Kellner only wanted some stakes in Chelsea.

Petr Kellner is a close friend to Chelsea current billionaire owner, Roman Abramovich.

This is the second time a news about Chelsea being up for sale will go viral.

Although, there are indications that Russian Billionaire, Roman Abramovich may be planning to sell Chelsea especially after he had some issues with the English Government some months back.

However, sources from the English club have continued to stamp that Chelsea is not for sale.

Top sports news outfit, Sky Sports, in a recent statement have also affirmed that Chelsea is not for sale and that there were no discussion held between Chelsea and any interested body.

Chelsea at the moment wouldn’t want a new owner owing to the fact that their current billionaire owner is known for his huge spending which is why they have been able to sign some of the best players in Europe.

We will, however, be monitoring the situation.