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Video: Raheem Sterling’s first goal against Spain



raheem sterlin

Many English fans found last night match between Spain and England quite shocking, as some of the fans wouldn’t have believed the Three Lions could defeat Spain right at their home in Seville.

England gave Spain a devastating blow by scoring three goals in the first half, the game turned out to be Spain’s first defeat at home in 15 years and the first time coach Gareth Southgate will defeat an elite team.

The first goal for England came at the 16th minute from Man City player, Raheem Sterling thanks to a wonderful goal assist from Man Utd striker, Marcus Rashford.

England launched a counter-attack right from their goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, who played the ball to the midfield, where Chelsea player, Ross Barkley delivered it to Marcus Rashford, who then made the goal assist to Sterling, leaving the Spain defense helpless.

Raheem Sterling smashed the ball past David De Gea, who could do nothing than watch the ball behind the net.

The goal against Spain was Raheem Sterling’s first goal for the three Lions since October 2015.

Raheem Sterling went on to add a second goal against Spain in the first half.

English football fans will no longer see the Uefa Nations League as a ‘senseless’ tournament after their recent win.

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