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Spain suffer first defeat at home for the first time in fifteen years



England vs Spain

The Uefa Nations League is still on and we watched one of the exciting matches in the tournament last night between Spain and England.

Spain played host to the Three Lions last night for their second leg in the UNL, however, the game turned out to be an embarrassing moment for a powerful team like Spain.

England scored three goals in the first half thanks to a double from Raheem Sterling, and a goal from Marcus Rashford, the game finally ended with three goals to two.

This defeat happens to be Spain first defeat at home in 15 years and the country national coach, Luis Enrique has taken time to blast his players in a post-match statement.

According to the former Barcelona manager, he hinted that it would have been normal to ‘kill’ his players than stick with them after the first half.

Luis Enrique in a statement made it known that the first half was ‘atrocious’,  adding that the first goal by Sterling made the Spanish team weak.

He added that “The normal thing would have been to kill the players, but I reinforced them, and didn’t change any of them.”

Spain will now face Croatia in November 15.

It is surprising to see that Liverpool star is still carrying a strap on his shoulder

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