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Sports Handicapping – Maintaining Fairness



sport handicapping

Sports Handicapping – Maintaining Fairness

Sports Handicapping is a method of equalizing the game by measuring the ability of the players. This can be done by giving different compensation or advantage to a player who is known to be less experienced than the other players to prove fairness. This is usually applied to sports like Go, chess, Croquet, golf, bowling, polo, basketball and track and field and horse racing.

Sports handicapping and Sports betting should always be combined if you are into betting. This would allow you to trace and manipulate the game with the use of the knowledge that you know through handicapping. You can decide who your bet is once you get a background of each of the players. You will be able to predict the outcome of the game with sports handicapping.

In a horse racing competition, handicapping would predict which horse has the greater chances of winning. This can be done by studying the Daily Racing Form. Speed handicappers will be the one to compare race times which will most likely determine which horse will win. Observing the horse’s behavior and body language with the help of the pace handicappers will also give an idea about the running style of each horses. By tracking the previous games of the horse including the change of the aspects that needs to be considered in horse racing, you will be able to know which horse is the sharpest and more likely to win the game.  The post position can also be considered because the horse nearer inside of a race track has a shorter distance to run however you must keep in mind that it is placed there as part of sports handicapping which aims to play equally according to the strength of each player. If you are betting, there is a big chance of winning if you will be considering the factors mentioned.

In golf handicap, the amateur’s golfer playing ability is measured. The net scores from the number of strokes will be calculated in order for the players to play equally at any level. This means that a tenured player can play with the amateur even if they have different strength. They just have to play it according to some rules and policies that will depend from what country you are playing. Polo handicap on the other hand is the total rating of the player’s horsemanship, team play, knowledge of the game, strategy and horses. It is just like the usual horse racing competition but differs on some rules. It also measures the ability of each player in order to play with all fairness.

Sports Handicapping is a practice which aims to play a game equally. This should be properly understood by the authorities so that misleading information especially when giving advantage to a player can be avoided.  Playing a game and winning over your opponent is great when you know that you played and perform without disobeying any rules and you followed it accordingly. Being into sport is fun and healthy but can be dangerous too when you will play it aiming to just defeat the opponent no matter what it takes.

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