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Video: Liverpool star player in trouble




Video: Moammed Salah in trouble after spotted with a device while driving

When it comes to the issue of disobeying traffic laws, England police do not take it lightly.

New report have made it known that Liverpool’s star player, Mohammed Salah flouted the traffic rules in a video uploaded by a fan.

Going by the video, Mo Salah was seen driving his car slowly in a traffic and also making use of his device.

According to report, this incident took place after Liverpool 4 – 0 win against West Ham.

The video showed fans trying hard to get the footballer’s attention but the Egypt International didn’t look like he really cared as he went on driving.

A fan had tagged Meserside police to the video but the police disclosed the case had been reported to them.

Liverpool spoke person also disclosed the club was aware of the situation on the ground.

The spokesperson added that the club or the player will not say anything in public on the issue again as it will be treated internally.

We do hope the punishment to be melted out on the Egyptian player will not be all that grave.

Mo Salah is one of Liverpool super trio players, which include Robert Firmino and Sadio Mane.