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Why I hate this Arsenal star, Ryan Giggs



Man United legend Ryan Giggs has revealed why he hated Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit in their playing days.

It could be recalled that Man United and Arsenal had a very intense rivalry but for Ryan Giggs, he had it personal with Emmanuel Petit because of his long hair.

According to the Red Devils former player, the rivalry between both teams motivated his team and legendary boss Alex Ferguson to want to win ahead of the Gunners team.

Ryan Giggs made it clear that he never liked Arsenal and some of the players at that time, including Patrick Vieira because of his dirty play which he was never punished for.

Emmanuel Petit is not the only player Ryan Giggs will not like to see on the pitch as he added that he had the dislike for Denis Bergkamp and Robert Pires.

According to Ryan Giggs, the rivalry with the Arsenal team was even deeper than that of Liverpool but he was happy as the end result of all of that increased their competitive spirit.

However, the rivalry remains, but not as intense as it used to be. The last time the North London outfit clashed with the Red Devils, it ended in a 2-0 win for the Arsenal team.