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Video: Chelsea N’Golo Kante feeling shy during France squad initiation 



ngolo kante

Video: Chelsea N’Golo Kante feeling shy and embarrassed during France squad reunion initiation

Being one of the most popular face on TV screen doesn’t mean one is an extrovert, in fact, many celebrities are known to be very shy and introverted when out of their role on TV.

The same can be said of Chelsea midfielder and France international, N’Golo Kante.

N’Golo Kante currently in his home country France for the international holiday.

However, a video of the 2018 world cup Champions was uploaded online showing the French football ball squad singing and playing with forks as they sang France initiation song.

What caught our attention was that Chelsea and France’s diminutive midfielder is a shy player even in reality and he has proved it again in this video as Kante was feeling embarrassed and unable to sing while Benjamin Lecomte did his initiation song after getting an invite from France national coach, Didier Deschamps

While the rest of the France squad were banging the table and swinging napkins in the air, Kante was seen doing nothing except for a smile on his face as it showed he approved of it but didn’t know how to join in the fun.

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