The truth behind Arsene Wenger sack unveiled

Former Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger happens to be one of the longest-serving coaches in the history of the English Premier League – click here.

The France international had been in charge at Emirate for over 22 years but was handed a sack letter last season as the Gunners finished 9th on the EPL table.

Many had believed Wenger tendered a resignation letter, however former Arsenal turn West Ham player, Jack Wilshere disclosed that Wenger was actually sacked as he was not ready to leave Arsenal as at then.

A lot of fans had called for the sack of Wenger prior to him being eventually sacked as it was long overdue.

This is owing to the fact that Arsenal FC had not really performed spectacularly in various football tournament and in most cases always managed to make it to the top four of the EPL which is usually their target.

Jack Wilshere, who had been in Arsenal as a boy at the age of 9 and had known Wenger as the Gunners boss all through disclosed that many of the players were shocked as it was not expected.

After the departure of Arsene Wenger, Wilshere left for West Ham after his contract lapse as new coach, Unai Emery told him he will not get the chance to play in the first eleven.

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