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Chelsea Star Expelled From Conte’s Squad, The Boss Is Furious




The Chelsea squad have been having a nice time in China, but the fun was threatened by the recklessness of one of their players, in the person of Kenedy.

And in a new development, Chelsea have sent the player home from after insulting a security guard in a social media posts.

Kenedy posted two different videos from his hotel room in China which he tagged: ‘F**k China’ and ‘Wake up China’ to a security guard who was sleeping.

This has caused a huge controversy that saw the Brazilian midfielder being booed in his side’s 3-0 win against Arsenal last week, and the premier league champions were left with no other choice but to release an apology on Sunday.

The Stamford Bridge club, in the statement released, stressed out the fact that the player’s behavior did not represent the entire team and does not align with their high expectations and strict requirements of their young players. They also include that the player have been disciplined appropriately.

But despite all of that, Chelsea have decide sending him home from their tour and his future is now in doubt.

The samba star also issued an apology after their Saturday victory and he stated that he wasn’t being racist to the people of China.

‘Hello my friends, just wanna say sorry if someone was sad because I used the expression “porra”, was no racism, just an expression…big hug,’ said Kenedy.