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Jose Mourinho is worried over how Liverpool, Chelsea have improved



Jose Mourinho

Guess controversial coach, Jose Mourinho must be feeling bad at the moment as his ‘special one’ traits have left him to his own at Old Trafford.

Even with the presence of legendary coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils found it hard to play against a ‘weak’ Wolves at Old Trafford as the game ended in a draw.

All of these may have made the Portugal international scared about their rivals in the English Premier League.

The Red Devils coach is worried about the top form of Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City.

At the moment Man Utd are 8 points below Liverpool, who are the current toppers on the EPL tabled.

Jose Mourinho was quoted as saying with the level the EPL topers Liverpool and Chelsea are playing will be difficult to challenge them to the EPL trophy this season should they be consistent in scoring goals.

The Portugal national and former Chelsea manager must have been writing himself off this season after struggling to come second on the EPL table last season.

At the moment the Red Devils lacked talent in playing and will need to put all their acts together to get back to the top four on the EPL table.

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