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Chelsea Man Made Interesting Revelations: This Is What Happened During Tottenham’s Game



antonio conte

Chelsea fans were the happiest set of people on earth when closet rivals Tottenham Hotspur lost to West Ham last Friday.

The White Hart Lane club have been on Chelsea’s tail – threat to the premier league title race after successfully reduced Chelsea’s ten point lead to just four – and appearing stronger.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side failed to lost any of their premier league games last month, and their outstanding performances made them a great threat to their West London rival.

Chelsea fans have been silently monitoring Tottenham and their games, wishing they should lose, and it happened last Friday – Spurs lost away from home to West Ham!

And the blues manager Antonio Conte has revealed what he was doing during Tottenham’s game against West Ham.

The former Juventus manager revealed he didn’t watch Spurs 1-0 defeat to West Ham last week.
Conte revealed that he was out for dinner with his wife and daughter at London and so didn’t watch the game at the London Stadium.

His side has been impressive all season in his first campaign in the English top flight and they need to win their next match to become confirmed champions before the league officially come to an end.

The blues have sent Middlesbrough to relegation after their victory at Stamford Bridge on Monday, and are set to face West Brom on Friday in their next premier league game.