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AFCON: Results from Tuesday qualifying fixtures, Nigeria Soar high



Libya vs Nigeria
The AFCON qualifiers tournament is still on and it is expected to play a determining factor on the teams that will play in AFCON tournament in 2019.

The qualifiers matches were on yesterday and most of them were quite interesting to watch – But the match that caught our attention was the match between Libya and Nigeria.

Nigeria had defeated Libya in the first leg of the match with three goals in Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

The second leg of the match which was played in Libya saw the Super Eagles soar high with 3 goals to two.

Below are the results from yesterday’s fixtures via Google

Group A:

FT: Madagascar 1-0 Equatorial Guinea

FT: Sudan 0-1 Senegal

Group B:

FT: Comoros 2-2 Morocco

FT: Malawi 0-0 Cameroon

Group C:

FT: Burundi 1-1 Mali

FT: South Sudan 0-1 Gabon

Group D:

FT: Benin 1-0 Algeria

FT: Gambia 0-1 Togo

Group E:

FT: Seychelles 0-0 South Africa

FT: Libya 2-3 Nigeria

Group F:

FT: Kenya 3-0 Ethiopia

FT: S. Leone vs Ghana (postponed)

Group G:

FT: Zimbabwe 1-1 Democratic Republic of Congo

FT: Liberia 2-1 Congo Brazzaville

Group H:

FT: Rwanda 1-1 Guinea

FT: Central African Republic 0-0 Ivory Coast

Group I:

FT: Mauritania 1-0 Angola

FT: Botswana 0-0 Burkina Faso

Group J:

FT: eSwatini 0-2 Egypt

FT: Niger 1-2 Tunisia

Group K:

FT: Namibia 1- 0 Mozambique

FT: Zambia 2-1 G. Bissau

Group L:

FT: Tanzania 2-0 Cape Verde

FT: Lesotho 0-2 Uganda