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Man Utd vs Chelsea: What Jose Mourinho should do apart from tackling Eden Hazard



Man Utd will hope to do what a tougher team like Liverpool were unable to do, which is to defeat Chelsea this weekend.

Coach Jose Mourinho will be playing against Maurizio Sarri for the first in his coaching career.

As expected, Jose Mourinho’s main focus for Saturday match against Chelsea will be on how to tackle Eden Hazard.

The Portugal international will likely be making plans on which players he would use to man-mark the Belgium striker.

Jose Mourinho since time immemorial is known for his ‘parking the bus’ style of football when playing against a tougher side, in fact during his days as Chelsea’s coach, Jose Mourinho had made use of 6 defenders in a game.

This means the Portugal international might play against Chelsea using a defensive style of football.

However, Jose Mourinho will have some other tactical challenges to face in the game against Chelsea.

The Red Devils coach will have to consider how to tackle Jorginho in the midfield, the Italian midfielder is known for his dangerous passes and he is obviously one of Chelsea’s top player.

Also, another thing that has changed about the Blues is their style of football which Mourinho should be worried about, this is because Chelsea now move with the ball and it means they have a good ball possession that can see them break pass any defense line.

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