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Why the games after international break are always harder – Daniel Sturridge



Daniel Sturridge

The International break has come to stay and it always includes two weeks when players across Europe return to their home countries to participate in one match or the other.

Taking the recent international holiday break as an example, players who are from European countries had gone back to their countries to participate in the Uefa Nations League, while those from African countries had gone to participate in the AFCON qualifiers or friendly match.

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During the international break, football clubs activities are brought to an end and only players, who are non-internationals are left to carry on training in their respective clubs.

However, Liverpool striker, Daniel Sturridge in a recent statement disclose the international break comes with dangers for football clubs as he hinted that games preceding the break are always harder.

Sturridge in a statement via Liverpool website said this is so because ‘players have gone away and done different tactics with their national teams, played in different positions and roles, so it kind of poses a little bit of a ‘[can we] get back to what we’re used to doing?’ [question].’

He, however, he hinted that the Reds will give in their best as they play against Huddersfield today.