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Why Arsenal Players should not be blamed for City defeat



North London outfit Arsenal were defeated against Manchester City on Sunday, all thanks to a hat trick by Argentina international striker Sergio Aguero who ensured his side push further for a title challenge.

The Gunners are now sixth in the Premier League table behind Manchester United which means their hope of top four finish is now slim.

Analysis have been made on the reason why the North London side lost the game with some players being pointed to as the reason for the worrisome defeat.

Although, it is established that the North London outfit lack the quality defense to be able to withstand pressure forma big side like Man City.

However, it has been revealed that the players must not be blamed because the mentality in the team has not been upgraded to meet up with the level of competition that is now obtainable.

The passivity of the team has been pointed to the reason why they could not hold on after playing a 1-1 draw the first half.

It was observed that the North London side had a more challenging mentality and spirit but that was not seen in the second half.

However, there is a need for the North London outfit to strengthen their defence with quality players who have a big fighting spirit.