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Why Wenger has become EPL’s prophet, another prediction on board



Former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger seems to be playing a spiritual role in the English Premier League with predictions that end up happening many years later.

The former Gunners manager found his way out of the Emirate against his own wish after 22 years in charge of the club.

He is not just Arsenal’s most successful manager; he is one of the greatest managers the English league has ever produced after former Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho.

It would be recalled that ahead of Arsenal’s Community Shield against Chelsea some years back, Wenger had confidently predicted the current Arsenal situation where he stated that a tie was coming where clubs will allow player’s contract to run into the last years because they will not be able to pay the amount demanded.

He added that he was convinced it would happen within 10 years and it is now a reality.

Also, the Frenchman his side’s unbeaten run and in another discussion predicted that a player will be bought for £200m.

The latest by the former Gunners manager is his claim that the social media might be more powerful to an extent that fans on “social media substitute players during a match” because they are already having a big influence on what happens in a team in addition to influencing management decision.

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