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Video: Arsenal vs Chelsea – Loaned out player excels at Stamford Bridge 



Mateo Kovacic

Video : Arsenal vs Chelsea – Real Madrid loaned out player excels at Stamford Bridge

Following the Blues win against Arsenal FC, the club have been in the news.

Chelsea are the best team that have the best midfielders this season.

The Blues have two super midfielders, N’Golo Kante and Jorginho.

However, the arrival of Real Madrid midfielder, Matteo Kovacic has brought about changes to the team.

Coach Sarri Mauricio, who is a big fan of Matteo had planned of making the player one of the three permanent midfielders at Stamford Bridge.

The former Napoli boss had disclosed two spots of three midfielders are available for Kante and Jorginho on a permanent basis.

While the remaining spot is to be shared between Ross Barkley, Matteo Kovacic among others.

Ross Barkley started the first match against Huddersfield and also played for 60 minutes in the match against Arsenal.

But report disclosed that the Blues coach hope to make Kovacic the third permanent midfielder.

So far, Matteo Kovacic has been performing well for the Blues with many of their fans clamouring that Sarri should make Kovacic get more playing chance.

Kovacic unlike Jorginho is an attacking midfielder and happens to be one of the assets Pep Guardiola hopes to buy.