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The reason behind Roberto Firmino’s new role



Roberto Firmino

Coach Jurgen Klopp has recently changed the Reds football formation to 4-3-2-1 but this new change has seen Brazil international and Liverpool striker, Roberto Firmino get a new role.

In the last weekend match at John Smith stadium against Huddersfield, Coach Jurgen Klopp had brought in Roberto Firmino as an attacking midfielder behind Daniel Sturridge.

However, in Liverpool’s last two matches, Jurgen Klopp has repeated this pattern by starting the Brazil international in a similar role behind Mo Salah.

Liverpool used it against Red Star Belgrade on Wednesday in the UCL and against Cardiff City yesterday and so far it has been effective for the Reds as they have scored four goals in each of the matches.

Coach Jurgen Klopp in a statement hinted that the role of an attacking midfielder would not be Firmino’s permanent role but only temporary.

He hinted that the Brazil star was given the role because he is a flexible player and very good defensively.

According to Klopp in a statement with Liverpool Echo, he said Firmino is ‘so smart in defending that it makes absolute sense that in a game where second balls are the most decisive thing, we have a player who is always around it and chasing the guy. That helped.’