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Not minding United’s ordeal, UEFA to slam again with sanction



If emerging reports are anything to go by, Manchester United will be sanctioned by the Champions League organizers for delaying kickoff in their 0-0 draw against Valencia at the Old Trafford.

It was reported that the home team did not report to the stadium in good time, citing traffic as an excuse for arriving at the stadium later than scheduled.

With kickoff delayed by five minutes due to the Red Devil’s negligence, they could be in for some trouble from UEFA, it has been revealed.

The Portuguese was quick to blame the Manchester Police. He said the police failed to lay on an escort that would have ensured the team bus was not held by traffic.

In their defence, a police spokesman had stated that the former Chelsea boss was aware of the fact that escort are no longer provided automatically, hence they should have planned ahead.

It is perceived that Mourinho’s excuse will not be acceptable to UEFA as they, hence a sanction might be unavoidable.

This will definitely sum up with the controversies on the ground for the Old Trafford side to bear as they are being hit with crisis back and front.

Reports from sources within the Old Trafford said the club’s chiefs are furious with the manager for such a costly mistake and will not take side with him.

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