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EPL: What Liverpool can do to stop ‘Dangerous’ Eden Hazard on Saturday



Eden Hazard

Jurgen Klopp led Liverpool side will surely be looking for a revenge at Stamford Bridge on Saturday in the English Premier League.

This comes after they suffered a defeat right at their home to Chelsea in a 2 – 1 game all thanks to Belgium international, Eden Hazard.

The Blues 27-year-old striker is one of the hottest players in Europe at the moment with 6 goals already to his name.

Eden Hazard created chances for the Blues equalizing goal against Liverpool last night before he went on to score a solo goal beating down the Reds defense line.

Owing to all of this, Jurgen Klopp side will be looking for means to prevent the Blues talisman from breaking through them again on Saturday.

Below are what Liverpool can do to stop Eden Hazard on Saturday,

1. Keep the ball to the right

From the game against west ham which ended in a goalless draw from the Blues, Pellegrini led Hammers side pushed the ball to the right-hand side where Eden Hazard and Marcos Alonso are less dangerous.

But this method is not certain as Hazard scores his goal against Liverpool from the right-hand side.

2. Keep the ball away  from Hazard right foot

Liverpool will have to keep the ball to Eden Hazard left leg so as to prevent him from cutting through the flank.

3. Keep him out with three players

As dangerous as Hazard is the Reds will require 3 players to keep him and prevent him from making dangerous moves.

4. Kick him out with the boot

This was what Rafa Benitez had planned to do to Eden Hazard during Chelsea visit to St James Park.

Klopp can just find a player to boot him out the same way Sergio Ramos did to Mo Salah in the Uefa league last season.

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