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23-year-old star – This Liverpool legend is my greatest opponent



Naby Keita

Liverpool midfielder, Naby Keita says this Liverpool legend is his greatest opponent

The international holiday is one with most Players in the English Premier League back at their respective home countries.

Some of the players who didn’t travel back home remain at their respective clubs.

One of such is Liverpool midfielder, Naby Keita, who is currently at Anfield.

Report from Liverpool disclosed that Naby Keita is a shy and extroverted player outside pitch but on the pitch his performances are great and his closeness with the Reds players especially Roberto Firmino on the pitch is visible.

However, little is known about him and his interest for the club.

Well, Liverpool website officials decided to use the current break to ask Naby Keita a few questions.

One of the questions thrown at him was who is his greatest opponent in his entire football career.

Well, the answer will make a lot of Liverpool fans beam with pride as he disclosed that his greatest opponent is Liverpool legend, Xabi Alonso.

Naby disclosed that whenever he played against Bayern Munich, Xabi Alonso was always giving him a tough time and made him suffer.

Xabi Alonso was among the Liverpool squad that won the Champions league in 2005 before leaving in 2009.

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