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Arsenal fans wont like season prediction by legend



David O'Leary

The latest prediction by Arsenal hero, David O’Leary might not be the wish of many Arsenal fans, who have high hopes and expectations for this season.

Knowing well, the expectations of Arsenal this season, O’Leary urged them not to be too expectant so as not to be disappointed at the end of the day.

O’Leary does not see Arsenal finishing higher than sixth this season but noted that it would be a huge success for the club if they break the mark.

He stated that the new boss at the Emirates, Unai Emery, has a hard job to do, adding that it is not about being a new manager but the work that needed to be done to break the barrier of the sixth position Arsenal finished last season.

He questioned Emery’s ability to go pass the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham, who are already ahead.

Arsenal are currently sitting below the first five o the log and have seen two defeats with two wins under Emery, making the race a difficult one for them.

While admitting the ability of the former PSG manager, O’Leary said there will be no manager in England that will match the abilities of Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson.

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