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Why Alex Ferguson should be ‘blamed’ for United’s confusion



sir alex ferguson

Manchester United has not been the club it was known for since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013.

Football psychologist Damian Hughes, a renowned Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change says the departure of the former manager has resulted to “confusion culture” at the Old Trafford.

It all started with the confusion of who to bring in as a good fit for the former manager before David Moyes was handed the mantle. He had to be replaced by Louis van Gaal as a result of unsatisfaction before the coming of the present era.

The coming of Jose Mourinho to take over was expected to be the final solution but that cannot be argued for at the moment.

Hughes stated that a dominant culture was obtainable in the time of the former manager and that has since been forgotten.

According to the psychologist, the current manager has an autocracy culture which has severally clashed with the bureaucratic style of the executive vice-chairman of the club Ed Woodward.

The psychologist says all of these will create more confusion in the team until the era of Ferguson can be made away with while an agreement is reached to either remain with Jose Mourinho or show him the way out for someone who can adapt with Woodward’s leadership style.

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