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Didier Deschamps replies Arsenal’s Koscielny



Laurent Koscielny

France head coach Didier Deschamps has replied Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny for claiming that he was not given the needed support and care when he was injured.

Koscielny had announced his retirement from international duty after seeing two Euros Cup and a World Cup for the reigning champions.

The Gunners defender was left out of the World Cup where France had emerged winner in July due to the injury that has kept him away from playing.

Koscielny who could not hide his feelings, alleged how he was abandoned by the team’s coach and others without support because he was injured and was not playing.

In his response, Deschamps denied the claim by the 33-year-old, expressing his surprise at the claim made by the player.

The French boss confessed to have sent a message, including the entire staff to the Arsenal defender to express their support for him, in addition to inviting him to spend time with the team while preparation was still on for the World Cup.

Deschamps added that he had called even after the injury to discuss advice him on who he should approach for surgery.

However, the French defender is still progressing in his rehabilitation and will be available for the Arsenal team later in the year.

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