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Thibaut Courtois swallows his words after attack from fans



Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois swallows his words, says he loves Chelsea after attack from Blues fans

Chelsea ex-goalkeeper and Belgium international, Thibaut Courtois, who forced a move to Spanish club, Real Madrid in the summer transfer window has reached out to Chelsea fans in form an apology.

Courtois left Stamford Bridge in a deal worth £35 million but had received some attack from Chelsea fans after he downgraded the Blues while comparing them with Real Madrid.

The Belgium international in a recent statement disclosed he is sad following the attack as he stated that Chelsea fans do not understand the way he feels.

He went on to add that he loves Chelsea and will always remember Stamford Bridge for good.

Courtois went on to reveal why he didn’t resume for training at Stamford Bridge after the world cup holiday.

The Belgian goalkeeper revealed he thought it was better not to disturb the team as his mind was made up to leaving Chelsea since March.

Thibaut Courtois insisted he left England for Spain because of his children and would want the Blues fans to understand him.

He, however, stressed that he didn’t say that Chelsea training was lower than that of Real Madrid but just that they have different qualities.

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