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The ‘nasty act’ Sarri did on Jose Mourinho



The late equalizer from Chelsea midfielder and England International, Ross Barkley for the Blues during the match against Man Utd almost created a scene at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

This was because after the goal, Chelsea assistant coach, Marco Iaani was seen dancing and taunting Jose Mourinho who was seated at the Man Utd dugout.

The Portugal international could not contain his anger as he ran after the Blues assistant coach, who was headed for the tunnel.

A clash would have taken place between the two if not for the timely intervention of the security on the ground, who quickly restored peace.

However, a scene from the match has caught our attention and this time it is between Jose Mourinho and Maurizio Sarri.

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The scene showed Maurizio Sarri moving over to Jose Mourinho after the ugly incident in order to apologize to the Man Utd coach.

However, the Blues manager was seen digging his nose while discussing with Jose Mourinho but the nasty act was that Maurizio Sarri went on to wipe his hand on the back of the Man Utd’s coach suit as he turned away.

It looks as if Maurizio Sarri really did nasty act but it might as well have been unintentional.

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