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Why Martial, Rashford need not to be pampered anymore



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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has hinted that youngsters Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford need not to be pampered anymore after their poor performance against Juventus.

Both forwards failed to deliver a convincing performance in the game that saw United lose by 1-0 at the Old Trafford.

United legend affirmed that both players should not be pampered again and should not be referred to as potentials anymore because they ought to have passed that stage.

According to him, the French and English strikers have played over 100 games which disqualify them from being potentials anymore. He stressed that there is no other time they have got to live in their future other than now.

Scholes blasted the pair for not turning up in big games, adding that the Old Trafford forwards including Romelu Lukaku have been struggling this season.

Explaining further, he noted that Rashford has been struggling to find his confidence which is a major reason why the United forward cannot score up to 65 goals a season despite their quality.

Scholes had hoped that what happened in the weekend against Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge where his former side had come from a goal down to turn the table around would be repeated but that didn’t happen.