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Manchester United Stars Eric Cantona and Peter Schmeichel Rejected By Liverpool



Former Liverpool boss Graeme Souness said he turned down the chance to sign both Eric Cantona and Peter Schmeichel when he was still Liverpool manager.

Graeme, who has also played at Anfield as a player, said he rejected both of the men before they moved to Manchester United.

Eric Cantona and Peter Schmeichel became legends at the Old Trafford, but everything would have been different if Graeme Souness had brought them to Liverpool instead at the early stage of their careers.

Souness told the Daily Mail:

‘Schmeichel wrote to me when I was at Liverpool in the early 1990s.

‘Ron Yeats came into my office and told me there was a young Danish goalkeeper who was a Liverpool fan and was willing to pay his own travel and hotel in exchange for some time with us.

‘But at the time I was trying to ease Brucey Grobbelaar out and that was proving a hassle. And I think I had just signed David James. So I thought I could do without it.

‘Similar with Eric. We had played Auxerre at home and Michel Platini came to see me. He said he had a player – a problem boy but a proper player. Cantona.

‘I said the last thing I needed was another problem player. I had 30-pluses that I was trying to get out so I didn’t need more hassle.

‘I said I was looking for something else. I said no thanks.’