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Man Utd midfielder enticed by prospect of wearing No 8 at Camp Nou 



Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba enticed by the prospect of wearing No 8 at Camp Nou.

New report have made it known that France international and Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba is relishing on the idea of moving to Barcelona.

The midfielder is having a happy feeling of putting on the shirt No 8 at Camp Nou but this seems to be so far out of reach as Man Utd will never let such happen.

If Paul Pogba is giving the chance, the player will not think twice before he makes a move to Barcelona, this is owing to the disagreement between him and Coach Jose Mourinho.

However, the season might be different and could be a huge opportunity for Paul Pogba to win Mourinho’s favour.  This is because the Portugal international so far has been unable to make some adequate signing.

Paul Pogba chances of moving to the Spanish La Liga is very slim owing to the fact that the Red Devils do not have a replacement for him and would never let him go with the transfer window barely 6 days away.

The shirt No 8 was last won by FC Barcelona and the world legendary midfielder, Andres Iniesta, who left the Catalans recently.